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About Us

BRIAN ALDRICH (Creative Director, Editor) began creating memorial videos for family members and friends who passed away. Now, this has become his vocation as well as his calling. Brian holds a MFA from UCLA Film School and has spent many years working in the film and television industry. His undergraduate studies included Psychology and Religion as well as Theatre and Documentary Film. He has been married for 30+ years and resides in the Westwood Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. The memorial videos he created for his parents can be found on the sample videos page of this website.

DIANE LACHMAN ALDRICH (Sales & Marketing) encouraged her husband Brian to make the creation and editing of memorial videos to become his vocation. Her education includes graduate studies in Psychology as well as personal research into various forms of spirituality. Having worked as an Executive Assistant in the corporate and non-profit worlds has further developed her already excellent interpersonal skills and she is well-known for her compassion and empathy. The memorial video Brian made for her late father can be found on the sample videos page of this website.