Lives Well Told - Services/Pricing


All Lives Well Told memorial videos come on a high-quality dvd
inside a keepsake case with a personalized label and cover.

All Lives Well Told memorial videos include
titles, special effects, and basic photo retouching
(brightening, saturation & cropping)
at no extra charge.

Lives Well Told accepts payment by credit cards through PayPal.


Price PackagesPricePhotosSongsLength
BASIC$99up to 7513 - 5 mins
STANDARD$169up to 1501 - 210 - 15 mins
DELUXE$239up to 2252 - 310 - 15 mins
PREMIUM$299up to 3003 - 515 - 20 mins

Additional Services
Additional copies of dvd, case, label, & cover:
1 - 5 copies$15 each
10+ copies$10 each
Scanning Photos (300 dpi)$1.50 each
Extensive Photo Retouching$15 per hour
Include Digital Video Footage$2 per minute

Shipping & Handling
First Class U.S. MailFREE
U.S. Mail Priority Mail Express$25
Federal Express Overnight$40
Arrangements can be made
to deliver memorial videos
electronically via email or dropbox.